10/15/2018: Another Threat - The ALI Copyright Restatement Project


You thought we were done, didn’t you?  

Sigh.  I did too.  

So, before I explain, I just have to say one more time…


The MMA is now the law of the land and we should (and will) celebrate that some more before getting into the weeds of it.

Here’s what’s up: last week, while we were all celebrating (and then scratching our heads over getting Kanye’d), the American Law Institute (ALI) had been preparing for a vote on whether or not to proceed with the Copyright Restatement Project - that vote is this Thursday.   

According to SONA’s legal advisor Dina LaPolt (and every other music lawyer we respect), this would be TERRIBLE for music creators! 

From Dina: "The ALI is a group of prominent lawyers and judges who write very influential summaries of the law called “restatements.”  These “restatements” are used as cheat sheets or “Cliff’s Notes” by judges, scholars, and lawmakers who need to understand the law.  The ALI is a prominent organization and is HIGHLY REGARDED, but the lawyers leading the Copyright Restatement project are all COPYLEFT professors who have published dozens of anti-creator papers!  We killed this project back in January and we need to kill it again!"

Please read Dina’s op ed in Billboard today, post on all your socials, use #stopALI and tag @WeareSONALA   

Also, C3 has created a website called stopALI.com for the sole purpose of stopping the project! We’ve added the SONA logo in solidarity. 

And finally, we have a petition!!!

Please post, share, tag and shut. this. down.

Thank you, friends!

Here’s a slide to share: