Report: 08/15/2018

First - An MMA Update from Senator Hatch’s office:  

We are currently at 48 co-sponsors after Senators Moran (KS) and Scott (SC), both Republicans, co-sponsored last week.

Senators Close to Sponsoring: 

Maine - Senator Susan Collins - (202) 224 - 2523

NebraskaSenator Deb Fischer  (202) 224 - 6551

Alaska - Senator Lisa Murkowski (202) 224 - 6665

Minnesota - Sen. Tina Smith (202) 224 - 5641


There are still remaining issues:

1) Blackstone - language getting hammered out, waiting for sign off. Still no Senator Cruz

2) Senator Wyden Bill -  RIAA waiting to hear on a compromise proposal


3) Senator Gardener and SIRIUS - Liberty Media - wants Hatch office to talk to Sirius 


Speaking of Senator Gardner, check out the screenshot of what Ryan Tedder did!

Desmond Child posted on the Latin Songwriter Hall of Fame website, headquartered in Miami and targeting Senator Cruz,  check that out here.

SONA Exec Committee member Jack Kugell got some amazing acts to spread the word in support of the CLASSICS Act!