Report: 09/27/2018

Hi all!

As you probably already know, the reconciled (and newly named) Orrin G Hatch - Bob Goodlatte Music Modernization Act passed in the House on Tuesday night!  All I keep hearing from people who work on the Hill is that having so much unanimity and ultimately, political support on a 186 page bill NEVER HAPPENS!!!  It’s kind of miraculous.

Maybe you also have noticed, the #MusicArmy has been keeping a bit of a lower profile over the past week.  

After the heated and somewhat contentious battle leading to the Senate passage last week, there was no reason to waste energy trying to break through all the social media action of the last few days.  Congressman Doug Collins set up such a slam dunk on the reconciled House version that it was pretty much a formality.

That leave us with One. Last. Step.

Under the heading of “Things they don’t teach you in the 'I’m Just A Bill' song from Schoolhouse Rock:" 

Today, the Speaker of the House will officially “enroll" the newly passed bill (and sign some parchment thingy) and then send the bill to the President to sign.  From this point, the President has 10-days to act - ie, either sign it into law, or not.  During that time period, it is the sole job of the #MusicArmy… to not say, tweet or post a single word about the bill on social media.  

“Music Bill? What music bill?”  :)

Now, on to the president’s desk…

THEN we celebrate! 

Thank you again for your efforts.  This has been an incredible achievement (so far).  

- Michelle