Report: 09/06/2018

Hello Army!

I apologize for the intermittent updates, but it’s been a couple of really slow news days.  (umm, kidding)

There has been so much going on in DC apart from our much-needed copyright reform bill... so I only have one new co-sponsor to report:

Senator Cantwell (D-WA) - 73!  She’s given her oral commitment so far, so please hold off on thanking her publicly until confirmed.

David I has identified the 10 Senators below as being on-the-fence or close to yes!  We have some badass songwriters from New Mexico lined up to target Senator Udall, but can always use more.  And how Senator Murphy can hold out on Michael-freaking-Bolton (!!!) is beyond me.  We just have to keep doing what we’re doing…

Tag artists and songwriters from these states

Ask them to ask their Senators to “Support the future of music and co-sponsor the #MusicModernizationAct.”

We’ve been @‘ing the Senators on social media a lot, but also feel free to keep sharing the Maren Morris text/call tool - either Text MUSIC to 225568 or Call 1-833-755-3384.


Today, from Daryl Friedman (Recording Academy):

"We launched our District Advocate program on Friday, with a focus this year on online engagement throughout Sept until the bill passes.  500 new enlistees so far (tracking typical as past years, where it usually climbs to 2000)."

Nice Lady A. tweet to 2.5 million!!!


***Please retweet!!!***

According to our lobbyists on the Hill, we have about two weeks to get the MMA hotlined in the Senate.  Then it would need to get back over for a vote in the House for reconciliation.  Our man, Congressman Doug Collins, has teed up the House leadership for a quick UC vote if and when this happens, but the House leaves for recess Oct. 1.   After that we’re in the election cycle. And you know, Plan B.  Let’s not think about Plan B for now. 

In the words of the great Kenny Loggins, “This is It.” :)

More to come!