SONA (Songwriters Of North America) is a grassroots songwriter advocacy organization that grew up around the concerns of a group of Los Angeles-based songwriters in January, 2015 in response to abysmal licensing rates being paid to music creators by music streaming media companies.

After meeting with firebrand LA entertainment attorney Dina LaPolt to get educated on the issues surrounding songwriter pay parity in the digital age, songwriting partners Michelle Lewis and Kay Hanley decided that the time had come to put their 10 year creative partnership to use as newly fired-up political activists.

Since then, Lewis and Hanley have assembled some of the most fiercely passionate and hardworking people from all corners of the songwriting world to educate, strategize and mobilize. 

To effect change from the halls of Washington to the constantly morphing digital music business. 
To gather, process and circulate information about issues which directly effect the lives and livelihoods of songwriters.
To ensure that songwriters’ livelihoods are protected and that the value of our songs is never sold out or taken for granted. 
That we, the songwriters, have the final and definitive say on how out work is used and at what price. 

SONA believes that streaming media and songwriters can and will live happily together. We must get the rate right. As we all know, if songwriters can’t make a living, who will write songs?