Two Thirds Thursday

August 30, 2018



Two Thirds Thursday

Hi all…

There have been so many big things in play over the past two days, that I kept putting off the update so I could share the results in one email, but things kept happening!

Senate Update:

  • Yesterday – thanks to everyone’s tireless efforts – Senator Marco Rubio signed on!  We had a fierce coalition of artists from Florida hammer Sen Rubio’s office with calls and emails and it WORKED! 
  • And then Senator Dan Sullivan from AK signed on becoming co-sponsor number 67!
  • So we actually had TWO-THIRDS THURSDAY covered by Wednesday 🙂
  • By the end of yesterday, we also had Senator Sturbenow (MI), which brought our co-sponsor count to 68.  Special thanks to our friend Mozella for making that call! 

The pile-on on Senator Murphy (CT) was so intense, including calls from Steve Porcaro, Mark McGrath and a call AND amazing letter from Michael Bolton (see attached), that I really believed I would be announcing he would become our next co-sponsor by the end of today, but it was not to be.  (Keep trying, CT rockstars!)

Instead, THIS HAPPENED!!!!

This makes Senator Gardner our 70th senator (including Senator Hatch).  I did NOT see that coming.  

From David I: “A special thanks to Ryan Tedder who has joined our #MusicArmy of Creators who are personally fighting for the MMA.  Ryan has been engaged full time over the last 48 hours and has made a significant difference on several fronts.”


  • We are still awaiting the successful drafting of the handshake agreement between Senator Coons and Senator Wyden.  No one should comment to the press about this development until it is finished.  Billboards are still up!
  • Focus on New Mexico – David Israelite has asked that we flood Senator Udall’s office with calls for support.  We’re close there!  Thank you to Paul Williams for already doing the heavy lifting!
  • Continued focus on: 
    • Senator Murphy (D-CT) – Thank you Billy S, Billy M, Jack K and Desmond for the hard work! 
    • Senator Heller (R-NV) – Thank you again to our hero Larry Rudolf for sending another strongly worded letter asking Sen. Heller WTF? (much more nicely than that though)
    • Senator Cornyn (R-TX) – Lets start a pile-on of TX musicians, shall we?
    • Senator Warren (D- MA) – Perhaps take a Labor Day-ish approach of fair wages for working artists and songwriters in your tweets and posts.  Will have slides to share by the weekend.

Our “Things to Do” list keeps getting shorter.  Thank you everyone so very much!

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