Thank You for attending the
4th Annual SONA Songwriters Summit!


Dear SONA Members, Donors & Friends,

We wanted to send along our most heartfelt thanks to all who came to the 4th Annual SONA Summit at The Village last month.  For those of you who couldn’t make it, you missed our best Summit ever… and you were missed.   We hope to see you again soon.

We kicked off the Summit by pre-gaming with our first ever political fundraiser for Rep. Ted Deutch (D-FL 22nd District), who has been a tireless champion for songwriters and, as the Congressman representing the people of Parkland, a steadfast leader in the fight for sensible gun laws. Special thanks to our generous hosts Dina LaPolt, Jay Cooper, Larry Rudolph, Jody Gerson and Billy Steinberg (who also performed *swooooon*)!

The Summit, which immediately followed, was an overwhelming success on every conceivable level. The solo performance by Justin Tranter was just unreal. People were out of their seats, singing along to every word.   Justin could not have been more humble, charming, generous, stylish, TALENTED. We all want to marry that guy. Sheesh.

The discussion following was hosted by Greg Behrendt, who was hilarious and thoughtful. Our panelists, Mozella, Justin Tranter, and Congressman Ted Deutch (pulling an overtime shift) dropped some serious knowledge about the state of the songwriting profession, our shared challenges and triumphs, and what the future looks like. All of this preceded by a concise and not too much in the weeds crash course in copyright reform by our own co-founder, the ever-inspiring Dina LaPolt.  

The live and silent auction this year was bigger and better than ever. We had some very impressive auction items (ummm.. including signed sheet music by Barbra Streisand, John Williams and others)!   But we really have to give major props to the “donor in chief” VIP rock(star) photographer Henry Diltz. He personally donated and signed some of his most iconic works, not the least of which was his 1971 Life magazine cover photo of Paul + Linda McCartney.  Thank you to all who donated items to our auction and all those who bid and won, which helped generate much-needed funds for SONA to keep-a-goin!

Three years ago, when we set off on our journey to build SONA, many smart people told us that better-funded, more organized groups had tried and failed to organize songwriters in Los Angeles and that it was a fool’s errand. We knew better. Kind of. And here we are now, an army of middle class songwriters/volunteers, getting shout outs from the floor of Congress for our work on behalf of the Music Modernization Act. 

2018 has been the kind of year that changes the game. Our membership is growing at a quick pace and we have seen a seismic change in the level of enthusiasm and activism among our songwriter ranks. Let’s keep it going! Spread the word as the MMA moves through the Senate.  The battle is not over, and we may soon call upon you for help.

Again, thank you. Keep writing those kickass songs and making ours a profession worth fighting for.

In Solidarity,

Your SONA Steering Committee

Thank You to our sponsors and auction donors!

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Alan & Marilyn Bergman
Allee Willis
Amanda McBroom
Ann Sweeney
Barbra Streisand
Blue Microphones
Brenda Russell
Dan Wilson
Desmond Child
Greg Woodford-Wells
Henry Diltz
IK Multimedia    

Irig Keys
Jamie Richardson
Janis Ian
Jay Landers
John Mayer
John Williams
Kenny Ascher
Lauren Iossa
Linda Perry
Marc Cohn
Michael Skloff

Myles Keller
On Stage
Pam Sheyne
Pat Nannarello
Paul Williams
Shelly Peiken
Susan Spiritus Gallery
Suzan Koc
The Eagles
The Voice
Wesla Bay Weller


SONA, along with the hundreds of songwriters and composers that
comprise our membership, is thrilled with the unanimous passage of the
Music Modernization Act in committee.  We are now one step closer to
bringing music licensing into the 21st century.

SONA encourages the Senate to move swiftly and pass this bill without
diluting the long overdue  benefits it will provide for music
creators, ensuring that the art of the American songwriter will
continue to proudly flourish for generations to come.

We are Songwriters of North America


SONA (Songwriters of North America) is an advocacy organization formed by and for professional songwriters to fight for our rights; our right to fair pay in the age of digital media; our right to speak out and give a collective voice to the songwriting community;  And in lieu of a union to uphold the standards of safety and equality in our workplaces, where music is created.

The current rates paid to writers by music streaming media companies are grossly unfair, unsustainable, and unacceptable.  We’ve assembled some of the most fiercely passionate and hardworking people from all corners of the songwriting world to educate, strategize, and mobilize…and with our legal support team, comprised of truly the best creative-rights legal minds in our industry, we are making a difference.


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A catchy Schoolhouse Rock-style primer on streaming royalty rates and why they're not awesome for songwriters.

SONA's attorney, mentor, and "kraken", Dina LaPolt gives an inspiring TED-talk on how songwriters became the most vulnerable members of the music creator community and what can be done to protect them and uphold the value of songwriting.

Shelly Peiken, a SONA founding member, wrote a song about the unthinkable - "A Day Without Music".

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