Artists Call Out Senators

September 4, 2018



Artists Call Out Senators

Hi all!                     

Hope you had a lovely holiday weekend…

Many of you have contacted me individually to ask about the next steps for the MMA, now that the Senate’s focus seems to be entirely on Kavanaugh hearings.  We were all wondering if the senators who have yet to co-sponsor would have the bandwidth to consider new legislation…

Well, I guess the answer is – YES, they do.  Today brought us three new co-sponsors!

  • Senator Lankford (OK) – 70!
  • Senator Heinrich (NM) – 71!
  • Senator Johnson (WI) – 72!

Word is that Senator Udall is VERY close to sponsoring!  #MusicArmy – please do your thing!  Lead “Warrior for the Light” Paul Williams, who has lived in New Mexico, has already put in calls to Senator Udall, but if any of you know artists or songwriters from there, please tag them and get them to call Senator Udall’s office! 

  • Please use hashtags – #SenatePasstheMMA #MusicModernizationAct
  • Feel free to use the attached slide for New Mexico
  • Let me know if anything connects! (ie. notable tweets, posts or calls)

Also, the newly minted “Three Divas Award” goes to Joel Flatow/RIAA for arranging the following tweets:



Finally, welcome to some new #MusicArmy members.  Just to catch you up – this is a private BCC list of songwriters, artists and our advocates who have been active in helping get the MMA across the finish line!  Thank you SO much for everything you are doing!  We are in the final weeks.  Most of the issues have been resolved  – Senators Coons and Wyden are making progress on the legislative text and all of our unrelenting public pressure on SIRIUS is making it harder and harder for them to find champions in the Senate who will agree to help them tank the bill. 

(see Senator Cory Gardner’s tweet as an amazing example of #MusicArmy magic!)


So… despite so much going on in DC and seemingly insurmountable hurdles, we are still moving forward.  

I mean, why not 75 co-sponsors? 🙂


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